Sunday, December 4, 2016

"Button Trees"

Each year my family makes little "token" gifts to share with each other.  The gifts are usually hand/home made which makes them even more special.  Over the years there have been lots of goodies, homemade chocolates, cookies, dips, trail mixes, soups. There have also been handmade crafts, angels, snowmen, special bulbs, tiny teddy bears, stockings, gingerbread men, glittered pine cones, bells and so on.
The token gifts are to be minimum in cost as well which adds to the challenge!
This year Hubby & I went to several craft shows where we saw "Button Tree" ornaments and I knew we had found our gift idea.  A trip to Walmart for the special Christmas buttons, then to The Dollar Tree for the sprigs of greenery next to a small store that sells all types of spices for the cinnamon sticks we had gathered our supplies.  Once home out came my button jar and ribbon. 
The trees were easy to craft and are sure to give a festive look to wherever they are hung, be it on a tree, wreath or peg shelf!
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Friday, December 2, 2016

Happy December...A Day Late...


Each month brings it’s own simple joys just as each season does as well, at least to this ole heart!

We’ve already had over a foot of snow before Thanksgiving which has long since melted except for some parking lots where it was piled.  More snow flurries are in the forecast for the weekend and already the winds are blowing cold. 

Since my vow to have less Internet time I have been able to get more things done.  The tree is up and decorated along with the living room, Christmas cards are written out, craft work is coming along and most of all I’m feeling less stress.  Not wanting to lose touch with my dear friends or favorite blogs I will be back posting and writing again every few days. I thank those who understand and hang in here with me. Tomorrow I’ll start decorating the kitchen. Tonight while the cold winds blow our little house is snug , warm and cozy while Christmas lights add a special cheerful glow. 

Some of the simple joys of December for me are watching snow flurries as they dance in the air, colorful birds at the feeders, Christmas lights that shine brightly and the welcome sight of candles glowing against window panes. The smell of wood smoke on a cold winter’s night and watching flames leap on fireplace hearths.  Braided rugs, patchwork quilts, wool coats and knitted hats, just some of my favorite things.  I enjoy the weeks and days that lead up to Christmas, they are magical as our hearts are full with the wonder of this most special holiday.  

May our biggest blessing be that of simple joys shared with loved one’s and dear one’s always!   
Best Wishes,

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What DID We All Do?

What did we all do before the Internet? If you’re like me, I’m sure you don't remember those days before technology became a part of our daily lives.
I ask this question because I have heard others say that the “Internet is their life” or their “lifeline to the outside world” and I wonder how we all managed before personal computers, smart phones and the like?
Was the world a bit kinder? The pace a little slower? Our lives a little fuller? Wouldn’t we visit with nearby friends and family in person or actually talk to them on the phone? Wouldn't we refrain more often from hurting others with our words? 
The Internet is a great tool for learning new things, I know we’ve used it to repair appliances, look up information that otherwise would have required a trip to the library and to stay in touch with friends far and wide. 
Please realize I’m not knocking the Internet, only my or our almost addiction to it. How many hours are wasted sitting in front of this screen and riding the super highway to the world? Facebook, Pinterest and sites that hold our attention often far to long to where before we know it the time has gone by and we’ve missed out on “living”.
Many mornings I’ve been on the Internet and not realized the  hours that have slipped by and when I started to notice that was happening is when I began to question if reading about life through a screen was equal to experiencing it?  I guess I’ve decided that it’s not. My house isn't cleaner, my crafts or sewing projects aren’t being completed, the pets aren’t getting as much attention, I’m not going outside to enjoy the fresh air and see the sights of geese flying, horses running in a pasture or any of the little things that bring joy to my life and yet are easily taken for granted. 
So, I’ve decided to step back from the Internet, some days I may dip back into my “favorites” or write a note now and then to a friend, but for the most part I’ll be re- learning how to live my life without so much time sitting in front of this computer screen or even the TV screen for that matter. 
Thanks for all who read or left comments on my blog, I appreciate that you were here. Enjoy the holiday season and remember to take time to experience the simple beauty and joy that comes from life itself!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Simple & To The Point....


Wishing all who read this:
~ * ~ A Very Happy Thanksgiving! ~ * ~
Taking time away to enjoy the holiday with family!


Monday, November 21, 2016

Snow on pines from  Good article with tips on how to take great snow shots.:
Living in Central or Upstate NY we are used to wintry weather but the first storm of the season is always a bit uneasy. Once again we bring out winter jackets, shovels, snow blowers, ice melt and regain driving skills. Usually the first snow is light flakes with maybe an inch of accumulation and without strong gusty winds.  It gives us a chance to practice for winter (driving on snow covered roads with white-outs takes patience) and we have time to ease into the season.
This time the storm came on the heels of a warm, sunny Saturday. As the afternoon waned the winds picked up and the temp began to fall. All night the winds blew in strong gusts and a light snow  began to cover the ground. By Sunday night the snow fell heavier and the winds continued.
This morning we woke to snow and winds, schools closed, some business' closed, libraries and meetings closed or cancelled. Cold, snowy and very blustery conditions greeted us and stayed throughout the day. We are thankful because as of a short time ago we had just about 10-12" of snow.  Area's west of us have more than double that amount!  We were blessed to not be in the path of the heaviest snow bands. The storm will continue through the night and is said to finally move off by tomorrow afternoon.
We are hopeful that the weather will clear for those traveling to join family and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Speaking of which, our turkey décor out front is sure to be shivering, just like we will be when it comes time to bring him and the other decorations inside and bring out the Christmas décor.
So much for waiting until Thanksgiving is over before stringing lights and wreaths!
(PS. Photo from forbid actual photo of outside.)

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Oh No Doc, Not As The Holidays Near!

This represents my confused face and mind. Why not wait and see just a bit longer before jumping on a bandwagon that I don’t want to be on?
Okay, I know I’m not making sense but let me just say that there are some in my family who struggle with Type 2 diabetes.  All along I knew I had a risk of joining this rotten disease.  For the past two years I have been on pill medication for diabetes and now just as we’re getting ready to enjoy the delights of the holiday season the doctor decides it’s time to start on insulin shots each day. 
Oh no, not right now….let’s wait until after the holidays…I promise I’ll try to be good!  It won't be easy with all the homemade cookies, candies, celebrating and festivities of the season, Lord no!  I’m protesting the timing of this, it’s not fair, I’ve been looking forward to the goodies all year. 
Well, I know the needle is heading my way, it’s only a matter of time if I don't get control on myself and get back to exercising and eating better but oh how I love the homemade cookies my sister and I bake together, the homemade candy, special ice cream treats, pies, cakes, eggnog and meals along with everything in between!
I know I’m being silly and that my health needs to come first above these delectable goodies that come only with this time of year.  I have to be good, I gotta be good and yes, I must be good if I’m going to avoid insulin shots and constant blood sugar readings. 

It’s hard, it’s frustrating and it’s crap but it could always be worse, I tell myself because it’s true….it could be WORSE.  I’ve known others who struggle with serious diseases that require hospital stays and live in pain each day.  Diabetes is a mere inconvenience as long as we keep it under control and if that means forgoing some foods or eventually facing the needle, then so be it.  Still, everything in moderation when it comes to food, right? I think so, but I’ll try to do better in my choices and portions.  I’m sure it’s good-bye to my favorite red licorice sticks….they are nothing but pure sugar even if they are low in fat….and oh how I love them but I know they won’t love me back anymore. 
As someone sang in a song, "The times they are a changing" but I can handle whatever lies ahead, it’s just that it doesn’t seem fair to happen right now as we’re only days from the start of the holiday season.  Ooh, the turkey, the dressing, sweet candied potatoes, homemade applesauce, cranberry slices, apple and pumpkin pies, oh my! I knew I should have postponed my doctors appointment until after the holidays but oh no, not me! I didn't listen to my gut feeling to cancel and reschedule and now I have to face the piper and it just doesn't seem fair this time of year!
Wishing all who are reading this post nice days leading to Thanksgiving, the biggest meal of the year and for those who also have diabetes may we remember to take good care of ourselves and try hard to not indulge too much as we begin this festive time of year!

~ "The Apple Man"~ (A Story From My First Blog...Years Ago..)

The story I shared today was written on my 1st. blog back in 2005. I lost that blog with computer troubles and just recently found out that my Mom had printed and saved those entries.  Thanks to Mom I am able to share these stories and feelings once more with you!*
"The Apple Man"
One autumn day an old rusty van pulled into our driveway and a very chubby man dressed in tattered shirt and overalls with a very torn and dirty looking hat slowly climbed out of the van. His boot leather was all crackled from wear and his face shadowed by what looked like several days beard.

I remember this old man because from the looks of his rusty van I judged him with my childs mind as a hobo.  I watched as he want to the back of his van and opened the rusty door which creaked with a mournful sound.  What he took out of the van was a bushel basket full of the biggest apples I had ever seen! He went to the door and knocked politely, and when Mom appeared he asked if she would like to buy a bushel of his wonderful apples.  I was sure she would nicely turn him away and not purchase his apples just based on his appearance and that of his rusty old van, but to my surprise I heard Mom say “yes” and watched as she gave him the few dollars he requested.  He left the bushel basket, closed his van then drove off, engine sputtering and choking the entire way.

After he had gone we kids each were given one of those huge apples and with the first bite discovered they were as sweet as could be! Never had we ate an apply as mealy and sweet as these, they were delicious!

That day I learned a valuable lesson…..never judge another person or turn them away based on appearances alone.  That tattered old man was obviously a farmer who went door to door in hopes of selling his apple crop.  I was so glad that Mom had looked beyond appearances and saw the good inside.  Of course this was many, many years ago when times were simpler and a whole lot safer, neighbors knew each other and folks were friendly.  I’ve never had as sweet an apple since the apple man appeared that fall and regrettably that was the last time we saw the old man with his tattered clothes and van full of the yummiest apples I had ever tasted!
* * * * *
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Sunday, November 13, 2016

~ Sharing A Memory ~

I was chatting with a friend and she was telling me how the wall near her bed was cold.  It was then that I remembered one of my favorite memories from years past and I shared it with her as a possible suggestion to keeping her room warmer. 
Years ago, our homestead was next door to a dairy farm.  We kids played with the farm kids since living in the country there weren't many other kids close by.
One winter afternoon, I was invited to come to the farmhouse to spend the afternoon with one of the girls who was near my age.  I walked across the fields between our house and the farm.  The field was covered in brush and saplings. I knew when I reached the far end of the field and the beginning of the pasture land that I would have to carefully crawl under the barb wire fences and make my way to the house. Not an easy feat with boots and a bulky snowsuit, hat and mittens!
When I finally reached the side door which was the kitchen door of the farmhouse I was greeted by a rush of warm air and the aroma of cooked bacon wafting through the room. Inside was a large black wood cook stove with cast iron skillets and a large soup pot simmering on a back burner. 
As I looked around the large room I could see an old cot with blankets layered upon it behind the stove. Napping on the cot was the old grandfather. On the exterior wall between the cot and wall a quilt hung from near the ceiling to the floor.  At the end of the cot facing towards the door was another quilt folded over a string as a hanger that went from the wall by the cot to the wall near the door. This quilt was able to be closed to keep drafts off the old grandfather. His little nook looked so cozy and warm, what a wonderful place to nap and dream the wintry days away!
This kitchen was completely different from the one I grew up with. It was then that I realized I had a fondness for wood cook stoves and the charm and warmth of a farmhouse kitchen. 
Granted, I've never cooked on one or ever had to rely totally on wood nor have I any idea how to adjust the temperature for either stove top or oven like our modern stoves we cook on today.  
These days kitchens are built smaller, those wonderful old black wood stoves would no longer fit in.  No rocking chair, no cozy area to nap, no quilts hung against walls or folded over string to ward off chills or the aroma of bacon mixed with the scent of smoke in the air.  Days of old are long gone and nearly forgotten. 
In my bedroom, I have an old quilt found on CL's for only a few dollars.  It has a very thick batting and is heavy. I asked Hubby to hang it up near the ceiling for me to add a coziness to my room.  In the picture it is folded to keep kitty from pulling at it.
On cold winter nights when the snow is falling and the winds are howling up the knoll and around our little house. I look at the old quilt remembering fondly that winter day when I visited the farmhouse next door so many years ago. Sometimes I wish we had a large kitchen to fit a wood cook stove and a rocking chair to sit near the stove.  Someday when the budget allows I would like to have a braided rug near the sink and one by the door. I like my burgundy/tan plaid curtains but someday may change them out for lace curtains and if kitty would allow it I would have a red geranium in a tin can sitting on the windowsill.  All the things that remind of that cozy farm kitchen with it's welcoming and warm atmosphere. 
Oh btw, I don't know if my friend hung a quilt on her bedroom wall to help keep her room warmer or not. But I've enjoyed sharing a favorite memory with her and with you!
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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Does Anyone Still Look Forward To This???

...Or is it just mostly me and a few others that look forward to Thanksgiving?
With the stores stocked with Christmas decorations, TV commercials promoting new cars as gifts, Hallmark's TV channel showing Christmas movies and all around us we are being aware of the Christmas holiday. 
Somehow, stores have jumped from an over array of Halloween decorations right to Christmas but as I search for a few Thanksgiving decorations there is little to be found aside from paper plates, plastic tablecloths and paper cups! Where are the turkeys, pilgrims, Indian corn and decorations that I remember many homes having to welcome a holiday of family gatherings, blessings and thankfulness?
When did Thanksgiving no longer really matter except to those who anxiously await the start of Black Friday sales, and now stores here are holding special early sales even on Thanksgiving!
I can't help but think of the people who have to work those sales and deal with the crowds after their Thanksgiving dinner or in the wee hours on Friday morning!
We have a small family now where not too many years ago we would have a large table brought in and set up for all the family and friends to join us in breaking bread and sharing in the feast of Thanksgiving. 
It was a time to gather together and be thankful for our many blessings. We visited, laughed and shared in the specialness of the day. There was no rushing to stores yet for we knew how to wait and enjoy each holiday for it's own purpose.
Now our family will gather together with full hearts to feast and to share memories of loved ones who are no longer with us but always in our hearts. We will be thankful to sit together once more and share in this special day. After the dishes are washed and put away we play cards and board games, maybe watch some football or just take a walk.  Later the festive paper Turkey plates will be set out along with homemade pies and ice creams!
As the day draws to an end and with hearts and tummy's full we'll pack up left overs and make our way home.  Content and thankful to have shared in this special holiday together once more! This is what Thanksgiving is to me. Friday is a day that we stay home, eat leftovers and maybe begin to think of bringing up lights from the cellar to check and see if they still work in preparation for stringing outside. There is no rushing around, fighting traffic or crowds to try to win at special sales.  We've heard how stores will advertise a certain item or items at a big discount only to have a small limited stock in supply.  Also, those items may be knock offs from a popular brand and lack features of the "real" item.  It was disgusting when a shopper at a big box store was injured purposely because another shopper wanted to get in ahead of him in a long line!
If you enjoy the rush of the early beginning shopping season that's fine.  But it's not for me and to each his own as the saying goes. 
For me, I thrive on seeing and feeling the joy that comes from each different season and holiday as it arrives. I love to walk through the leaves and hear them rustle at my feet and give off their scent of fall or watch the Geese as they fly in V formations on their way to warmer climates. Truly, it's the little things in life that bring the most joy!
With busy lives it is my hope that we may all stop for a moment to see, feel and enjoy each season, each holiday and each other, in that there is a true feeling of Thanksgiving, Blessing, Contentment and Peace!
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pondering Thoughts Of Autumn~

We had a couple of cooler days so out came some fall decorations. Still more to do with adding cornstalks, pumpkins and colorful Indian corn in the days ahead. For now we're back in the heat/humidity but maybe only for a few days as the coming weekend will have day time highs in the 60's! 
We're excited to have cooler temps ahead after a long hot summer.  Autumn is a favorite season for many, myself included!  I love the coolness and crispness of fall.  The wonderful aroma's that surround us and the glorious colors that blaze hillsides and valleys painting trees in oranges, reds, russets and golden yellow.  The fields are filled with overgrown foliage of wild flowers and weedy fauna.  The delightful earthy aromas, leaf mold, wood smoke, apples, pumpkins and of turned soil as farmers and gardeners ready the fields to rest for the long winter ahead. Birds gathering in flocks and geese formations flying in the autumn sky getting ready for their flight to warmer areas before the snow comes again.
The joys of fall are many, sleeping under freshly aired quilts with the window slightly ajar to let in the cool crisp night air, bringing out sweaters, jackets and warm slippers once more.
  Autumn is the beginning of slowing down after many hot, hectic summer days. Fairs and field days over, beaches and parks closing, schools opened and we say so long to summer. It's time to welcome this new season of Fall and to enjoy the abundance of it's simple pleasures!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Latest Quilt Project...

Been busy working on some projects for others. My latest quilt project is a pieced, embroidered and quilted wall hanging. I was asked if I could make a wall hanging from some children's drawings.  I assured her that I could and was happy to have a different project to work on!

I started by making copies of the original children's drawings, transferred the drawing to fabric, embroidered each block using the colors the children used in their pictures and then colored in the area's the kids had colored...making sure to match their coloring as closely as possible meaning going outside of the lines! 
I've nearly finished the decorative quilting on the outside borders (not shown in this picture) and have a bit more stitching to do.  I know how special this wall hanging will be to the person who asked me to create it.  I had fun with this project, it was different from what I usually quilt and I think the kids will be surprised to see their art work hanging in the office when they have their next visit!
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Friday, August 26, 2016

What We Did This Summer.....


Yep! You guessed it, the fur kids all have napped most of the summer away!  It's been so hot/humid that they have shown little interest in being outside to play and I don't blame them. Whew! 
The house is nice and cool and who doesn't like an afternoon snooze or two! He hee
Notice kitty Dixie took a liking to the baby quilt mama was working on.  It's difficult to set a quilt in progress aside without her curling up on it to nap!  Silly kitty! 
Hope your summer has been more adventurous than ours, even with the weather being what it's been.  Sure looking for some nice cool autumn days ahead! 
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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sharing Goodies from Misi's "Gable House Goodes" Tag Sale!

Now that my dear friend Sher of "Old Crow Farm" has received her box of goodies that I chose for her at Misi's tag sale held here in Rome, NY I can share what I did with one of my goodies.
Since we have a very curious kitty that loves to get into mischief, I knew the delightful Autumn potpourri had to be displayed safely.
This candle jar (a gift from my sister years ago) was just the thing to use. It's top has holes to let the wonderful Autumn scent waft through the room!  I love looking at it and being reminded that this heat and oppressive humidity won't last forever!
Since the jar wasn't large enough to hold all the potpourri, or the opening large enough I decided to string the wonderful dried orange slices and hang them in our dining area. The aroma was delightful!
Misi's tag sale was the most fun I've had yet for this summer and it was so nice to meet her in person!
Thanks for visiting & have a nice day!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Doing It My Way...

Showing the back of a quilt so the hand quilting is visible.  Why? You may ask.....well, I have come to realize that these days large quilting stitches and machine quilting is so very popular.  I am seeing both ways being done on quilt blogs and hearing the same from friends.  Even at our last state fair we attended the quilts were almost all machine quilted! The patterns and colors were wonderful but I wasn't thrilled with the machine quilting on any of the quilts.
Now, if you're a machine quilter or like that look, please know I am not knocking you, nor those who like the look of large quilt stitches.  As the saying goes, "to each their own".  I'm just saying that for me, I don't favor that look.
Being a simple country girl with an old fashion heart I like to stick with tradition.  The large quilting stitches are fine for a prim look but they don't represent my idea of quilting. 
Perhaps, it is because I am a self taught quilter that I feel this way.  It took me many years and lots of practice to be able to make my quilting stitches small and with each quilt they are getting better!
So, I guess it's just a matter of personal choice.  I love the look of hand quilting.  I like the feeling of accomplishment when a quilt is completed and I see all the small stitches.  Yes, I know machine quilting is so much faster but I'm not in any hurry. 
Everyday the world seems to spin just a bit faster around me.  Hand quilting requires a slow but steady pace.  It allows me time to relax and let my mind wander where it may as I work to a goal of finishing the quilt.
So in spite of what may be popular or the latest fad, when it comes to quilting I will continue to enjoy doing it my way! Ü
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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What A Find!

On our way to visit Mom, I saw this glider rocker at the end of a driveway at the roadside. Of course having always wanted a glider rocker I asked Hubby to quickly stop!
As we did a woman came out of the house carrying a piece of paper, when she neared us I told her I was just about to come to the door and ask if they were selling the glider and she said she had just made a sign for it saying it was "FREE", she was carrying the sign in her hand when she walked out of the house. I couldn't believe my luck with this find. The cushions are in perfect condition and the only thing wrong was the glider mechanism needed a bolt replaced. 
We got it home and I wiped it all down and shampooed the cushions (hubby gets antsy about used items from people we don't know) and left them outside to dry.  I still need to use some lemon oil to bring out the shine of the wood. Love the scroll work on the back and on the lower sides of the glider! 
I think this glider is a great find and now all that's needed is to find a place for it in our little house, (the wooden rocker in the corner behind the glider was a first anniversary gift from Hubby many years ago) once I find a good place for the glider it will be time to just sit back, rock gently and relax! Yep, my lucky day!!!
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Monday, July 18, 2016

Starting to Pick!

The start of raspberry picking has begun! This is the second container picked from our small raspberry patch with many more to come as the days go on and they are oh so tasty! 
Tomorrow we'll be going to a local fruit and vegetable farm where we will pick blueberries. Yum, my favorite fruit! 
We actually are growing a few blueberry shrubs in our backyard and this is the first year they have produced more than just a few berries.  Never having grown blueberries before I didn't realize the birds were even more eager than us to eat the berries, they took them off the shrubs before they were totally ripe!  Next year we will cover each bush with screening to keep the birds from dining first, but will be sure to leave some for them to feast on afterwards. 
It's another humid day here, just picking the fruit to nearly fill the basket with raspberries had me dripping with sweat, ugh!  As I've said before, I can take the heat but not the humidity which also makes breathing difficult.  We may get a passing shower or quick storm sometime today but we doubt it will do anything to lessen this high humidity we've been having all this month. Whew!
Hope it's cooler or at least a bit less humid where you are.  Enjoy the fruits of the summer, they don't last for long! 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Fun Tag Sale At Gable House Goodes

What a fun time hubby and I had at the Gable House Goodes tag sale held in Rome, NY!
I was able to meet Misi and she is such a warm, kind and generous lady! She personally showed me around her sister's wonderful gardens and oh the beautiful pool with waterfall in the backyard, it was just awesome!  I met her sister quickly (sorry, I don't remember names well) and also one of their sweet dogs! 
The tents with wares from Gable House Goodes was filled with so many goodies, it was hard to choose as I was buying a little something for myself and for my dear friend Sher Carter (Old Crow Farm) LeRoy, KS. as well.
Hubby found a few items for himself and we left very happily with our goodies!
Thank you to Misi and her Sister for holding this sale, it was so nice to meet in person! 
It was a fun day!


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Just A Bit Of Hooking...

Since it's been much too hot and oh so oppressively humid I decided to do a bit of rug hooking on this barn rug which was started some time ago.
Using only the wools I have on hand and my largest #6 cutting wheel I've been slowly working on this rug.  Hubby drew the pattern on a whim since at the time I couldn't decide what design to hook and I knew I wanted it to be an original pattern. 
I have a real fondness for simplicity and handmade items.  This rug when completed will be displayed on an old paned window that sits in front of the fire box of our faux fireplace.
While posting the picture I noticed my grass isn't even on each side of the barn.  H-mm, maybe one side has a hill and the other side is more level, I don't know.  It's either that or I need to hook a bit more grass on the right side of the barn?
Rug hooking is not my forte, I'm much more comfortable with hand quilting.  Still, it's nice to do some different crafting every once in a while!
Hope the weather isn't as hot or humid where you are as it here, whew!  I thought this was and "old fashioned summer" as some folks exclaimed but isn't "old fashioned summers" more heat than humidity??? Either way there are still joys this summer like our hometown celebration, parades, picnics and going to the lake to watch the boats ferry in and out. I like to just watch the waves crash against the rocks along the shoreline and feel the breeze.  Again, simple joys that make sweet memories of summer!
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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Hazy Summer Morning...

I took this picture this morning and already there is a haze in the air. Looks to be another hot, hazy and humid day here on the knoll once more.  The flowers look prettier when the sun is shinning on them but in the morning they are blocked by the shade of our oak tree.  See the sweet horses in the field? They belong to the farm next to us and we enjoy watching them run in the pasture.  This morning they were already out grazing and grubbing in the field.  Sometimes they come to the fence for a bit of attention and we are  always happy to oblique! 
With the cold start to spring we had here in NY, flowers and veggies are finally catching up.  Our raspberry shrubs are full of ripening berries and looks to be a promising harvest!
Are you following Butternut Basin's Blog Hop? Today was "Crabapple Hill's" turn to share a free craft pattern and recipe. I was happy to find her recipe for "Raspberry Pie" which I'll try as soon as enough berries are ripe, m-mm can't wait!
I followed the blog hop last time Butternut Basin offered it and enjoyed it thoroughly and this time is no exception.  Wonderful free craft patterns and recipes as well as getting to know what each designer enjoys about summer.  Check it out if you haven't already!
While I don't enjoy the hot, humid weather we've been having I do still like summer.  It brings back favorite memories of years gone by.  Times shared with family and friends in the country home I grew up in which is a few miles "just around the corner" (which it actually is!) from our little house here upon this country knoll.
Memories of playing baseball with neighborhood kids, riding our bikes, swimming, camping out in tents consisting of a blanket strung over a clothesline, playing board games and Jacks, occasional trips to the drive-in with home popped popcorn eaten out of a large brown paper bag.  Going to the volunteer firemen's field days to ride the rides and share a treat of cotton candy or fried dough.  Helping Mom can tomatoes and pickles from the gardens, staying overnight at the farm next door and watching the milk truck amble up the long driveway in the early morning hours and watching the cows as they left the barn from milking and followed one another out into the pastures once more. Simple pleasures for sure but one's which bring memories that I treasure. Each year as I grow older those memories grow fonder!
Remember to take time to enjoy the summer while it's here.  To this day one of my favorite things to do is to sit under a large shade tree in our yard and just enjoy the outdoors.  Sleeping on sundried sheets, harvesting fruits and veggies we've grown ourselves, gentle breezes that softly billow starched white curtains at the windows, seeing the fields filled with wildflowers, big fluffy clouds against a blue sky, quilts airing on the clothesline and just making time to enjoy these little things that make up the joys of summer in the country. 
I hope you all make time to create some memorable summer moments to share with loved one's and friends!
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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Special Hanger Safari Style....

Not the best picture but the safari quilt is finished after quilting around each of the border spots. I wanted to have a special hanger for it instead of a plain rod.  So hubby and I came up with the idea of using a simple dowel rod (painted) and adding a wooden animal to each end to tie in with the safari theme of the quilt.
Having finished the hanging rod I can now call this entire project completed!  
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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Healing Update...

Scooby had a vet appointment this morning to have all his stitches removed.  He was very good through the entire event.  Vet says the three incisions look good except the one on his paw has more healing to do.  She now wants the bandages kept off to let the wound dry a bit and heal over so poor Scooby will be wearing the "cone of shame", named as such because if he would not lick the wound then he wouldn't need the cone. We were so hoping his paw had healed to the point where he wouldn't it but with any luck it all will be over in a few more days. 
The pic above was taken before surgery, he sure enjoys his naps! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Scooby & A Few Items For Sale....

Our Sweet Beagle
"Scooby" had to undergo surgery recently to remove some tumors. Thankfully, the lab results showed the tumors were all benign, we are so very thankful!  The surgery was expensive as all pet owners know that when it comes to medical care for our fur babies the price can and usually is quite high.

Therefore, to help with expenses I am selling a few of my "treasures".  If you are interested in any item please email me at  Please serious replies only, thank you so very much.

First offering:
I call this small quilt "starry nine patch". The colors are a green/cream plaid, two different burgundy plaids, muslin backing and block formation.
Measures 29" x 32"
Perfect for draping over the back of a chair, hanging as a wall hanging or using as a table topper.
It has been hand quilted and tea stained. All fabrics are 100% cotton, batting is medium loft quilt batting.
Asking $75.00 - Shipping included
Second offering
Stitched Herb Bag
This sweet Herb Bag is stitched using 100% cotton fabric with a leaf pattern.
It measures 9" tall not including twine gathering string and 7" wide.
The Herb patch was hand stitched and measures 4" x 5"
Filled with dried lavender in picture but feel free to fill it with whatever you please!
Asking $25.00 (shipping included)
Third Offering
Patchwork Kitty
This kitty was made by sewing tiny patches together and then cutting into a cat shape. The back of the kitty is a tan gingham. All fabrics are 100% cotton.  I didn't have a pattern for the kitty so free handed the shape.
He measures 10" tall and 7" at his widest point.
Kitty would brighten any place you care to display him.  Next to a fireplace, on a shelf or sitting in a chair, he's sure to bring some whimsy and warmth to your décor!
Asking $25.00 - shipping included
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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My Handquilted Jungle Quilt

Trying to show all the hand quilting done on this baby quilt!  Hope the new parents like it!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A New Beginning...


Yes, a new beginning for Upon A Country Knoll.  Many things shared before may be repeats for those who visited this blog before it was redone.  I will start off by saying that I write for my own enjoyment, stories of the days events now and yesteryear.  An old fashioned girl at heart I love my simple country life even with it's struggles of living on a fixed income.  Life circumstances brought about learning to live and thrive on a small fixed income for hubby and I.  It's not always easy but we manage with the blessings and love of family, friends and through our own determination and strong Faith. 
I've been told that I am a lot like my maternal grandmother in that she was a "jack of all trades" and not afraid of hard work, the kind some people call "man's work".  Widowed early in life she learned to do all types of "bull work" from gardening to remodeling all on our own.  She was a expert knitter, seamstress, carpenter and handled any and all chores in and around her home herself.  She loved to work with dirt, landscaping her yard and was not afraid of heavy hard work.  One thing Gram never was that I am is a quilter, she had no time for quilting in her busy schedule.  She became a registered nurse and worked nights in the nursing home near her home.  She loved to pick up items others threw out near the curb and give them new life.  I share that with her much to the chagrin of hubby and family!  Gram is gone now, her passing was bittersweet.  Free of illness which was a blessing, she suffered the last 13 years of her life with dementia and Alzheimers but gone from those who loved and admired her for her many talents.  I have her knitting needles and some of her patterns as well as her old Singer sewing machine which still works as well as many memories of Grandma Ida and Great Aunt Ruby.  "Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters!". 
I've been blessed to share my life with strong minded women and I've learned some valuable lessons from each.  My childhood was lived in a country home back when life was simple and full of fun from using our own imaginations.  We kids, a brother and three sisters along with farm neighbor kids knew how to make our own fun.  Sledding in winter, swimming and baseball games in summer, jumping in huge leaf piles in fall and learning to ride our bikes in early spring as well as helping Dad plant gardens.  We went to bed early and woke early with plans for each new day. 
I will share some of my childhood memories and stories here.  I will also share craft projects and items Hubby and I have made to decorate our home. You'll get to know our sweet pets and how we live life on a shoestring budget.  Mostly, I will share my love of simple  joys and country life.
Thanks for visiting once again!