Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Healing Update...

Scooby had a vet appointment this morning to have all his stitches removed.  He was very good through the entire event.  Vet says the three incisions look good except the one on his paw has more healing to do.  She now wants the bandages kept off to let the wound dry a bit and heal over so poor Scooby will be wearing the "cone of shame", named as such because if he would not lick the wound then he wouldn't need the cone. We were so hoping his paw had healed to the point where he wouldn't it but with any luck it all will be over in a few more days. 
The pic above was taken before surgery, he sure enjoys his naps! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Scooby & A Few Items For Sale....

Our Sweet Beagle
"Scooby" had to undergo surgery recently to remove some tumors. Thankfully, the lab results showed the tumors were all benign, we are so very thankful!  The surgery was expensive as all pet owners know that when it comes to medical care for our fur babies the price can and usually is quite high.

Therefore, to help with expenses I am selling a few of my "treasures".  If you are interested in any item please email me at sewsher33@aol.com.  Please serious replies only, thank you so very much.

First offering:
I call this small quilt "starry nine patch". The colors are a green/cream plaid, two different burgundy plaids, muslin backing and block formation.
Measures 29" x 32"
Perfect for draping over the back of a chair, hanging as a wall hanging or using as a table topper.
It has been hand quilted and tea stained. All fabrics are 100% cotton, batting is medium loft quilt batting.
Asking $75.00 - Shipping included
Second offering
Stitched Herb Bag
This sweet Herb Bag is stitched using 100% cotton fabric with a leaf pattern.
It measures 9" tall not including twine gathering string and 7" wide.
The Herb patch was hand stitched and measures 4" x 5"
Filled with dried lavender in picture but feel free to fill it with whatever you please!
Asking $25.00 (shipping included)
Third Offering
Patchwork Kitty
This kitty was made by sewing tiny patches together and then cutting into a cat shape. The back of the kitty is a tan gingham. All fabrics are 100% cotton.  I didn't have a pattern for the kitty so free handed the shape.
He measures 10" tall and 7" at his widest point.
Kitty would brighten any place you care to display him.  Next to a fireplace, on a shelf or sitting in a chair, he's sure to bring some whimsy and warmth to your d├ęcor!
Asking $25.00 - shipping included
Thank you for your consideration and for visiting.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My Handquilted Jungle Quilt

Trying to show all the hand quilting done on this baby quilt!  Hope the new parents like it!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A New Beginning...


Yes, a new beginning for Upon A Country Knoll.  Many things shared before may be repeats for those who visited this blog before it was redone.  I will start off by saying that I write for my own enjoyment, stories of the days events now and yesteryear.  An old fashioned girl at heart I love my simple country life even with it's struggles of living on a fixed income.  Life circumstances brought about learning to live and thrive on a small fixed income for hubby and I.  It's not always easy but we manage with the blessings and love of family, friends and through our own determination and strong Faith. 
I've been told that I am a lot like my maternal grandmother in that she was a "jack of all trades" and not afraid of hard work, the kind some people call "man's work".  Widowed early in life she learned to do all types of "bull work" from gardening to remodeling all on our own.  She was a expert knitter, seamstress, carpenter and handled any and all chores in and around her home herself.  She loved to work with dirt, landscaping her yard and was not afraid of heavy hard work.  One thing Gram never was that I am is a quilter, she had no time for quilting in her busy schedule.  She became a registered nurse and worked nights in the nursing home near her home.  She loved to pick up items others threw out near the curb and give them new life.  I share that with her much to the chagrin of hubby and family!  Gram is gone now, her passing was bittersweet.  Free of illness which was a blessing, she suffered the last 13 years of her life with dementia and Alzheimers but gone from those who loved and admired her for her many talents.  I have her knitting needles and some of her patterns as well as her old Singer sewing machine which still works as well as many memories of Grandma Ida and Great Aunt Ruby.  "Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters!". 
I've been blessed to share my life with strong minded women and I've learned some valuable lessons from each.  My childhood was lived in a country home back when life was simple and full of fun from using our own imaginations.  We kids, a brother and three sisters along with farm neighbor kids knew how to make our own fun.  Sledding in winter, swimming and baseball games in summer, jumping in huge leaf piles in fall and learning to ride our bikes in early spring as well as helping Dad plant gardens.  We went to bed early and woke early with plans for each new day. 
I will share some of my childhood memories and stories here.  I will also share craft projects and items Hubby and I have made to decorate our home. You'll get to know our sweet pets and how we live life on a shoestring budget.  Mostly, I will share my love of simple  joys and country life.
Thanks for visiting once again!