Sunday, December 4, 2016

"Button Trees"

Each year my family makes little "token" gifts to share with each other.  The gifts are usually hand/home made which makes them even more special.  Over the years there have been lots of goodies, homemade chocolates, cookies, dips, trail mixes, soups. There have also been handmade crafts, angels, snowmen, special bulbs, tiny teddy bears, stockings, gingerbread men, glittered pine cones, bells and so on.
The token gifts are to be minimum in cost as well which adds to the challenge!
This year Hubby & I went to several craft shows where we saw "Button Tree" ornaments and I knew we had found our gift idea.  A trip to Walmart for the special Christmas buttons, then to The Dollar Tree for the sprigs of greenery next to a small store that sells all types of spices for the cinnamon sticks we had gathered our supplies.  Once home out came my button jar and ribbon. 
The trees were easy to craft and are sure to give a festive look to wherever they are hung, be it on a tree, wreath or peg shelf!
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Friday, December 2, 2016

Happy December...A Day Late...


Each month brings it’s own simple joys just as each season does as well, at least to this ole heart!

We’ve already had over a foot of snow before Thanksgiving which has long since melted except for some parking lots where it was piled.  More snow flurries are in the forecast for the weekend and already the winds are blowing cold. 

Since my vow to have less Internet time I have been able to get more things done.  The tree is up and decorated along with the living room, Christmas cards are written out, craft work is coming along and most of all I’m feeling less stress.  Not wanting to lose touch with my dear friends or favorite blogs I will be back posting and writing again every few days. I thank those who understand and hang in here with me. Tomorrow I’ll start decorating the kitchen. Tonight while the cold winds blow our little house is snug , warm and cozy while Christmas lights add a special cheerful glow. 

Some of the simple joys of December for me are watching snow flurries as they dance in the air, colorful birds at the feeders, Christmas lights that shine brightly and the welcome sight of candles glowing against window panes. The smell of wood smoke on a cold winter’s night and watching flames leap on fireplace hearths.  Braided rugs, patchwork quilts, wool coats and knitted hats, just some of my favorite things.  I enjoy the weeks and days that lead up to Christmas, they are magical as our hearts are full with the wonder of this most special holiday.  

May our biggest blessing be that of simple joys shared with loved one’s and dear one’s always!   
Best Wishes,