Sunday, November 20, 2016

~ "The Apple Man"~ (A Story From My First Blog...Years Ago..)

The story I shared today was written on my 1st. blog back in 2005. I lost that blog with computer troubles and just recently found out that my Mom had printed and saved those entries.  Thanks to Mom I am able to share these stories and feelings once more with you!*
"The Apple Man"
One autumn day an old rusty van pulled into our driveway and a very chubby man dressed in tattered shirt and overalls with a very torn and dirty looking hat slowly climbed out of the van. His boot leather was all crackled from wear and his face shadowed by what looked like several days beard.

I remember this old man because from the looks of his rusty van I judged him with my childs mind as a hobo.  I watched as he want to the back of his van and opened the rusty door which creaked with a mournful sound.  What he took out of the van was a bushel basket full of the biggest apples I had ever seen! He went to the door and knocked politely, and when Mom appeared he asked if she would like to buy a bushel of his wonderful apples.  I was sure she would nicely turn him away and not purchase his apples just based on his appearance and that of his rusty old van, but to my surprise I heard Mom say “yes” and watched as she gave him the few dollars he requested.  He left the bushel basket, closed his van then drove off, engine sputtering and choking the entire way.

After he had gone we kids each were given one of those huge apples and with the first bite discovered they were as sweet as could be! Never had we ate an apply as mealy and sweet as these, they were delicious!

That day I learned a valuable lesson…..never judge another person or turn them away based on appearances alone.  That tattered old man was obviously a farmer who went door to door in hopes of selling his apple crop.  I was so glad that Mom had looked beyond appearances and saw the good inside.  Of course this was many, many years ago when times were simpler and a whole lot safer, neighbors knew each other and folks were friendly.  I’ve never had as sweet an apple since the apple man appeared that fall and regrettably that was the last time we saw the old man with his tattered clothes and van full of the yummiest apples I had ever tasted!
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