Monday, November 21, 2016

Snow on pines from  Good article with tips on how to take great snow shots.:
Living in Central or Upstate NY we are used to wintry weather but the first storm of the season is always a bit uneasy. Once again we bring out winter jackets, shovels, snow blowers, ice melt and regain driving skills. Usually the first snow is light flakes with maybe an inch of accumulation and without strong gusty winds.  It gives us a chance to practice for winter (driving on snow covered roads with white-outs takes patience) and we have time to ease into the season.
This time the storm came on the heels of a warm, sunny Saturday. As the afternoon waned the winds picked up and the temp began to fall. All night the winds blew in strong gusts and a light snow  began to cover the ground. By Sunday night the snow fell heavier and the winds continued.
This morning we woke to snow and winds, schools closed, some business' closed, libraries and meetings closed or cancelled. Cold, snowy and very blustery conditions greeted us and stayed throughout the day. We are thankful because as of a short time ago we had just about 10-12" of snow.  Area's west of us have more than double that amount!  We were blessed to not be in the path of the heaviest snow bands. The storm will continue through the night and is said to finally move off by tomorrow afternoon.
We are hopeful that the weather will clear for those traveling to join family and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Speaking of which, our turkey décor out front is sure to be shivering, just like we will be when it comes time to bring him and the other decorations inside and bring out the Christmas décor.
So much for waiting until Thanksgiving is over before stringing lights and wreaths!
(PS. Photo from forbid actual photo of outside.)

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