Sunday, November 20, 2016

Oh No Doc, Not As The Holidays Near!

This represents my confused face and mind. Why not wait and see just a bit longer before jumping on a bandwagon that I don’t want to be on?
Okay, I know I’m not making sense but let me just say that there are some in my family who struggle with Type 2 diabetes.  All along I knew I had a risk of joining this rotten disease.  For the past two years I have been on pill medication for diabetes and now just as we’re getting ready to enjoy the delights of the holiday season the doctor decides it’s time to start on insulin shots each day. 
Oh no, not right now….let’s wait until after the holidays…I promise I’ll try to be good!  It won't be easy with all the homemade cookies, candies, celebrating and festivities of the season, Lord no!  I’m protesting the timing of this, it’s not fair, I’ve been looking forward to the goodies all year. 
Well, I know the needle is heading my way, it’s only a matter of time if I don't get control on myself and get back to exercising and eating better but oh how I love the homemade cookies my sister and I bake together, the homemade candy, special ice cream treats, pies, cakes, eggnog and meals along with everything in between!
I know I’m being silly and that my health needs to come first above these delectable goodies that come only with this time of year.  I have to be good, I gotta be good and yes, I must be good if I’m going to avoid insulin shots and constant blood sugar readings. 

It’s hard, it’s frustrating and it’s crap but it could always be worse, I tell myself because it’s true….it could be WORSE.  I’ve known others who struggle with serious diseases that require hospital stays and live in pain each day.  Diabetes is a mere inconvenience as long as we keep it under control and if that means forgoing some foods or eventually facing the needle, then so be it.  Still, everything in moderation when it comes to food, right? I think so, but I’ll try to do better in my choices and portions.  I’m sure it’s good-bye to my favorite red licorice sticks….they are nothing but pure sugar even if they are low in fat….and oh how I love them but I know they won’t love me back anymore. 
As someone sang in a song, "The times they are a changing" but I can handle whatever lies ahead, it’s just that it doesn’t seem fair to happen right now as we’re only days from the start of the holiday season.  Ooh, the turkey, the dressing, sweet candied potatoes, homemade applesauce, cranberry slices, apple and pumpkin pies, oh my! I knew I should have postponed my doctors appointment until after the holidays but oh no, not me! I didn't listen to my gut feeling to cancel and reschedule and now I have to face the piper and it just doesn't seem fair this time of year!
Wishing all who are reading this post nice days leading to Thanksgiving, the biggest meal of the year and for those who also have diabetes may we remember to take good care of ourselves and try hard to not indulge too much as we begin this festive time of year!


  1. Dear Sher, so very sorry to hear this news. Yes, the timing is at it's worst. It was quite a few years back that my husband was told that he had diabetes and Thanksgiving was his favorite holiday of all time. He had to make changes and to be on medication. We have adjusted now and his favorite tip to others is to use Splenda in place of sugar. Over time he has found that a treat now and then is okay. I pray you will still be able to enjoy your time with family and not find it too hard to watch what you eat. Best wishes for your future health checkups. I will be thinking about you.

  2. Sher
    My husbsnd has been a type 2 for 18 years He is a very skinny person but it runs in his family for the past 3 years we have trouble with A1C going up Dr. decided for health he needed to go on insulin injections It wasnt what we wanted but hes adapted well and numbers are better just the progression of this disease I hope you can enjoy your holiday and enjoy it watching your portions and intake Linda