Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What DID We All Do?

What did we all do before the Internet? If you’re like me, I’m sure you don't remember those days before technology became a part of our daily lives.
I ask this question because I have heard others say that the “Internet is their life” or their “lifeline to the outside world” and I wonder how we all managed before personal computers, smart phones and the like?
Was the world a bit kinder? The pace a little slower? Our lives a little fuller? Wouldn’t we visit with nearby friends and family in person or actually talk to them on the phone? Wouldn't we refrain more often from hurting others with our words? 
The Internet is a great tool for learning new things, I know we’ve used it to repair appliances, look up information that otherwise would have required a trip to the library and to stay in touch with friends far and wide. 
Please realize I’m not knocking the Internet, only my or our almost addiction to it. How many hours are wasted sitting in front of this screen and riding the super highway to the world? Facebook, Pinterest and sites that hold our attention often far to long to where before we know it the time has gone by and we’ve missed out on “living”.
Many mornings I’ve been on the Internet and not realized the  hours that have slipped by and when I started to notice that was happening is when I began to question if reading about life through a screen was equal to experiencing it?  I guess I’ve decided that it’s not. My house isn't cleaner, my crafts or sewing projects aren’t being completed, the pets aren’t getting as much attention, I’m not going outside to enjoy the fresh air and see the sights of geese flying, horses running in a pasture or any of the little things that bring joy to my life and yet are easily taken for granted. 
So, I’ve decided to step back from the Internet, some days I may dip back into my “favorites” or write a note now and then to a friend, but for the most part I’ll be re- learning how to live my life without so much time sitting in front of this computer screen or even the TV screen for that matter. 
Thanks for all who read or left comments on my blog, I appreciate that you were here. Enjoy the holiday season and remember to take time to experience the simple beauty and joy that comes from life itself!

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  1. Dear Sher, my thoughts exactly. The past few months I have been having the same feelings that you wrote about. I find myself spending more and more time on the computer and as I look around I have realized that I am not spending time doing as much as I use to. If those hours were spent on stitching on one of my unfinished quilts or craft projects I would have something to show for my time. The internet does help families keep in touch and it does offer help as you described too. I love the friendships I have made in blog land. I have been off and on again over and over in my blog being open or closed. I feel that I need to have it closed for at least awhile and go back to life as it was before. I am happy to have met you. I wish you the best. Maybe we can say hello to one another now and then. Take care.